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Terms and Conditions


The standard Terms and Conditions composed on this page will deal with your use of our site. By accessing this website, you consent to acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age. You should not utilize this website in the event that you are contradicting any of these website Terms and Conditions.
Minors or individuals under 18 years of age are not permitted to utilize this Website.

Under these terms, Jenquard Knives and its licencors possess all the protected innovation rights and materials contained in this Website. Images are obtained from other suppliers in Asian markets. Any user is particularly confined from the greater part of distributing any website material in some other media; offering, sub-licensing or generally commercializing any of our material.

Using this website in any capacity that might harm this website is prohibited. 

Using this website in any capacity that effects client access to this Website is prohibited. 

Using this Website in spite of relevant laws and directions, or in any capacity taking part in information mining is prohibited. 

Your data

In these website standard Terms and Conditions, "Your data" will mean any sound, video content, pictures, text, or other material you input on this Website. By sharing your data, you give Jenquard Knives a permit to utilize for order processing.

Your data must be your own and must not attack any outsider's rights. Jenquard Knives maintains all authority to remove any of your data from this website without notice. All customer data is protected and will not be shared with third party marketers. The only instance for this action is sharing of shipping address that is provided to our suppliers. They also maintain a significant privacy stance.


Under the condition that a customer does not receive their order, Jenquard Knives will refund the order using the same payment method. Shipping delay is usually the reason for refund requests. So we kindly ask our customers for their patience. On the off chance that any arrangement of these orders is observed to be invalid, arrangements will be made to refund the order.


These Terms constitute the whole agreement between Jenquard Knives and you the customer in connection to your utilization of this website.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms will be administered by and translated as per the laws of the USA. You also consent to government laws situated in the country that you access